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Affordable Elegance in Contemporary Homeware

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Greek Goddess Of Hearth and Home

The name Hestia comes from the Greek goddess of hearth and home - making for a fitting name for our homeware collection. 

With 11 distinct ranges. each offering varied styles and atmospheres, you're certain to discover your next homeware supplier with us. 

Browse our collection of stylish, high-quality, and budget-friendly home décor.

Hestia's focus on affordable elegance is reflected in its diverse selection of straightforward and tasteful designs, regularly infused with fresh and fashion-forward styles.

Ideal for the modern home, our assortment includes kitchenware, photo frames, clocks, tealight holders, chairs, sofas and vases, adding a contemporary flair to your living space.

Explore Popular Ranges


Bedroom Decor, Chairs & Lamps

Nyx Collection


Kitchenware, Plaques & Plants



Plates, Bowls & Mugs



Plants, Flowers & Vases


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